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Oily animal treatment is reviewed in the Gulf of Mexico

No need for scrubbing

No need for scrubbing with mayonnaise and handling the animals and birds for hours on end, a process that traumatizes animals and requires considerable man power. Trials show that spraying a SlickAway™ solution onto the feathers, a significant proportion of the crude oil (approximately (75-80%) came off by moving them around in a pool of water or by rinsing with a shower spray; an application baby oil or vegetable oil removes any remaining crude oil residue.



Lewis Patton; Superintendent

"...Aquinoc is the only one that works.”

Quote from Lewis Patton; Superintendent Caughnawaga Golf Course: "We use environmentally designed practices on our course. I have tried many different biological products to treat our ponds and Aquinoc is the only one that works.”


A Biological Treatment for lakes and Ponds.

Pond without treatment The same Pond with treatment

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A Biological Treatment for septic systems.

Without treatment With treatment
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breaks down oil in contaminated water and soil
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Drain without treatment Drain with treatment

Biological Treatments for drains and grease traps for restaurants hotels and other institutions.

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TerrUsol™ breaks down and recycles under utilised organic matter in soil.

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Asimple product that reduces smell while promoting the compost process

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