InocUsol and Animals

 remarkable results


Oily animal treatment is reviewed in the Gulf of Mexico

No need for scrubbing

No need for scrubbing with mayonnaise and handling the animals and birds for hours on end, a process that traumatizes animals and requires considerable man power. Trials show that spraying a SlickAway™ solution onto the feathers, a significant proportion of the crude oil (approximately (75-80%) came off by moving them around in a pool of water or by rinsing with a shower spray; an application baby oil or vegetable oil removes any remaining crude oil residue.



Lewis Patton; Superintendent

"...Aquinoc is the only one that works.”

Quote from Lewis Patton; Superintendent Caughnawaga Golf Course: "We use environmentally designed practices on our course. I have tried many different biological products to treat our ponds and Aquinoc is the only one that works.”

InocUsol™ Solutions can be used with livestock

A Biologist that uses microorganisms and the results....

Lucie Leclerc is a biologist that has used essential microorganisms at her farm in the Eastern Townships with animals for more than 6 years in different circumstances. Approximately, eighteen months ago she started using some of InocUsol based products. Mme Leclerc has observed absolutely no adverse effects in fact quite the contrary.

These are her observations.....


Dosing / Administration Observations

Dosage: 1% ProAnimal Pur by weight;

Improvement in the body odors

Administered internally as a pre/probiotic in food twice daily

Reduced flatulence

Significant whitening of the teeth,

Reduced symptoms of mild gingivitis including reducing redness of gums and tartar

External use as a shower/rinse once a week

Dilution 3% ProAnimal Pur by volume;

Improvement in condition and control of bad odors from the coat


Dosing / Administration Observations

Dosage: 1% ProAnimal Pur by weight;

Improved “bad breath”

Administered internally as a pre/probiotic in food twice daily

Softer and shinier coats within a week of starting treatment


Dosing / Administration Observations

Administered internally horses have free access to hay 24h/day

Coats of horses improved – became shiny – within 3 to 7 days.

Oral dose: 50 cc daily, 3% dilution by weight in beet pulp

Urine clearer within 2 weeks.

Manure degrades (composts) faster in manure pile or pit.

Externally use as a spray, 3% dilution by volume

Short term effect: within 30 minutes effective at keeping black house flies away.

Observed effect of spraying on horse behavior: horses that are nervous of being sprayed with standard or natural insecticide are non reactive to the ProAnimal Pur product.

Birds: Parrot

Dosing / Administration Observations

Externally used as a bird shower 1% dilution by volume, in a spray bottle,

Used as a spray in the cage

No adverse effects were observed from preening after showers

Reduction of the odors and dust

Farm animal - environment indoors

Dosing / Administration Observations

Treatment of barn, stalls, and  litter wood shavings and wood pellets;


Product: 3% solution InocUsol Actif by volume:

Reduction of odors; facilitates cleaning of stalls and environment

Week 1: Spray twice a day

Week 2: Spray once per day

Thereafter spray weekly