TerrUsol remediator for oil contaminated waters

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Oily animal treatment is reviewed in the Gulf of Mexico

No need for scrubbing

No need for scrubbing with mayonnaise and handling the animals and birds for hours on end, a process that traumatizes animals and requires considerable man power. Trials show that spraying a SlickAway™ solution onto the feathers, a significant proportion of the crude oil (approximately (75-80%) came off by moving them around in a pool of water or by rinsing with a shower spray; an application baby oil or vegetable oil removes any remaining crude oil residue.



Lewis Patton; Superintendent

"...Aquinoc is the only one that works.”

Quote from Lewis Patton; Superintendent Caughnawaga Golf Course: "We use environmentally designed practices on our course. I have tried many different biological products to treat our ponds and Aquinoc is the only one that works.”


TerrUsol™ breaks down and recycles under utilised organic matter in soil.

The increasing environmental pressure against chemical pesticide use and the greater availability of innovative organic products make this a good time to consider converting to non-chemical methods .

However, before simply replacing synthetic fertilizer with organic fertilizer and calling it an organic management program, it is important to understand the underpinnings of a true organic approach to agricultural maintenance.

Healthy soil is teeming with a diverse ecosystem of microorganisms. These microbes are the key to non-chemical methods of agricultural maintenance. Beneficial microbes feed on the microbes that cause disease, out-compete the disease-causing microbes, depriving them of food and water, coat the roots and blades of plants blocking pathogens, and make nutrients more readily available.

Compost and compost tea are vital for promoting diverse soil ecology. Compost provides both a wide variety of microorganisms and a source of organic matter to feed them.

For example on Golf courses compost can be incorporated into the soil when building a new golf course, when reconstructing features on an existing course, or when applied as a topdressing material.

This results in healthier, greener turf, a reduced need for irrigation, and increased disease and pest resistance. Compost tea is easier and cheaper to apply than compost, and its microbial makeup can be tweaked when it is brewed to help fine-tune the soil microbiology.

Golf courses using compost tea are reporting dramatic reductions in the number and severity of outbreaks of diseases such as dollar spot.  Microbial inoculants such as TerrUsol™, kelp extract, rock dust minerals, beneficial nematodes, earthworm castings, plant growth hormones and vitamins should all being incorporated into golf course maintenance programs.

TerrUsol™ is a probiotic for the environment

Using microbes to enhance naturally

TerrUsol™ can be sprayed onto greens, Tee Boxes, fairways etc in a diluted version of  TerrUsol™ Pur form or also less costly in a diluted version of TerrUsol™ Actif format which requres a simple activation facility nearby or at the golf course.

Typical maintenance programmes of Turf wether it be at Golf courses or at home or on the bowling green, consists of mowing and discarding the clippings and then adding fertiliser to put back what was taken away.  Even if the clippings are left on the turf they become dry and blow away or they become matted stifleing the short mowed grass (the grass not its natural format when mowed) TerrUsol™ considerably augments the natural bacteria and adds beneficial microbes that break down the dead organic matter making it available for reuse by the turf.

TerrUsol™ is based on microbes that are present in the environment all the time.

The micro organisms are found in soil, associated with the roots and leaves of vegetation and present on the skin/coats of animals; they are probiotics found internally as part of animal and our digestive systems; they support the immune system of plants and animals.

TerrUsol™ can be used to make Compost tea

Rcycling in liquid form

Compost tea can be made at each green or lawn by putting green clippings in a "Tea Brewer" adding TerrUsol™, which quicly reduces the clippings to tea which can in turn be sprayed onto the turf complete with the beneficial bacteria resulting in healthier, greener turf, a reduced need for irrigation, and increased disease and pest resistance.


GRAS regulatory denomination - highest safety code 1

All the bacteria used in InocUsol products are isolated at our product development. The microbes in TerrUsol™ are safe, they are published in Environment Canada Domestic Substance List; they all are in the food chain and approved by Heath Canada as probiotics for human consumption.

Internationally they are listed under the GRAS regulatory denomination (Generally Regarded As Safe) and have the highest safety code, level 1.