SludgeAwayunblocks drains, grease traps and controls odor

 nature cleansing naturally


Oily animal treatment is reviewed in the Gulf of Mexico

No need for scrubbing

No need for scrubbing with mayonnaise and handling the animals and birds for hours on end, a process that traumatizes animals and requires considerable man power. Trials show that spraying a SlickAway™ solution onto the feathers, a significant proportion of the crude oil (approximately (75-80%) came off by moving them around in a pool of water or by rinsing with a shower spray; an application baby oil or vegetable oil removes any remaining crude oil residue.



Lewis Patton; Superintendent

"...Aquinoc is the only one that works.”

Quote from Lewis Patton; Superintendent Caughnawaga Golf Course: "We use environmentally designed practices on our course. I have tried many different biological products to treat our ponds and Aquinoc is the only one that works.”


Remediator of waste water in drains, sewers and industrial waste water processing plants.

The InocUsol environmental inoculant SludgeAway™ products are specially conditioned to activate immediately in wastewater and contain active enzymes to assist bio-chemical reactions to breakdown odor forming and toxic sulphur compounds including ammonia and methane gas.

Odour control and reduction of sludge:

Using microbes to clean naturally

SludgeAway™ B1 and B12 are composed of different blends of beneficial bacteria, yeasts and fermentation products, selected to rapidly activate bacillus species and enhance natural microbes present in organic waste providing both immediate and long term effect.
The SludgeAway™-B formulations catalyze the breakdown of bio film, sulphur compounds, ammonia and methane gas; and the biodegradation of aromatic compounds.
Dilution 1:10000; depending on flow volumes.

Grease and fat control:

Using microbes to clean naturally

SludgeAway™-D400 is used to break down grease in wastewater. The product contains bacteria that naturally break down certain pollutants in order to create by-products essential to their own survival. In cases where there is a high volume of effluent containing substances like fat and grease that may inhibit the growth of the microbes that breakdown the sludge, InocUsol-D400 is applied to ensure success. Dilution to be determined on flow analysis.


GRAS regulatory denomination - highest safety code 1

All the bacteria used in InocUsol products are isolated at our product development. The microbes in SludgeAway™ are safe, they are published in Environment Canada Domestic Substance List; they all are in the food chain and approved by Heath Canada as probiotics for human consumption.

Internationally they are listed under the GRAS regulatory denomination (Generally Regarded As Safe) and have the highest safety code, level 1.

After the SludgeAway™ treatment is finished the microbes will only grow when there is food for them otherwise they remain dormant in the environment.