Aquinoc remediator for Ponds Pools and Lakes

using nature to clean naturally


Oily animal treatment is reviewed in the Gulf of Mexico

No need for scrubbing

No need for scrubbing with mayonnaise and handling the animals and birds for hours on end, a process that traumatizes animals and requires considerable man power. Trials show that spraying a SlickAway™ solution onto the feathers, a significant proportion of the crude oil (approximately (75-80%) came off by moving them around in a pool of water or by rinsing with a shower spray; an application baby oil or vegetable oil removes any remaining crude oil residue.



Lewis Patton; Superintendent

"...Aquinoc is the only one that works.”

Quote from Lewis Patton; Superintendent Caughnawaga Golf Course: "We use environmentally designed practices on our course. I have tried many different biological products to treat our ponds and Aquinoc is the only one that works.”


A natural safe solution for pond treatment

Many ponds especially on golf courses are plagued with an accumulation of unsightly algae, overgrowth of duck weed and green scum. The excess growth is caused by organic matter which ends up in the lake and becomes a source of nutrients for the growth of these unsightly plants.
Some of the common causes for this excess of organic matter are:
• Soil erosion. Topsoil from the surrounding fields is washed down into the water when it rains.
• Chemical fertilizers and detergents. These chemicals are water soluble and if they are being used in the surrounding area, they wash into the water.
• Animal manure and faulty septic systems. When there are farm animals grazing around the water or failing septic fields, fecal matter finds its way into the water.
• Debris from lawns and trees. Trees and forests nearby drop branches, leaves and pollen into the water. In addition, grass clippings from lawn mowing are washed into the water.


How is Aquinoc™ used?

It depends on the starting condition of the pond

If the pond is already covered with algae, it may take several applications to reverse the growth process. Aquinoc™ is poured or pumped into the water; the amount depends on the volume of water in the pond. Aeration is not absolutely necessary, but it helps the product to work more quickly. You may see a dramatic change within a week, depending on the starting conditions in the pond. Very warm weather or heavy rainfall can make a difference and another application may be needed a few weeks later. Once the water has cleared, the pond should be monitored and at the first sign of growth restarting, another application should be made.

When aquatic plants are a nuisance!

It depends on the initial condition

Duck weed grows on top of ponds with high organic contamination, elevated phosphorus and nitrogen levels; treatment with Aquinoc™ naturally adjusts the chemistry of the water using a safe biological process of treating organic contamination of the pond.
Here we show (A) a small pond before treatment (B) after 25 days after starting with Aquinoc™ the duck weed began to die off and could be spooled from the surface of the pond. (C) shows the pond after 30 days the Aquinoc™ process continues to improve water chemistry lowering phosphorus and nitrogen levels, increasing the clarity and reducing organic sludge.


A year later

The following year, Aquinoc™ should be applied early in the season as a preventative measure before algae begins to appear. It should be re-applied again at signs of algae growth.

An added advantage is that any sludge at the bottom of the pond, which usually smells bad, is eventually colonised by the Aquinoc™ microbes stopping the bad smells and remediating the natural health of the pond.

Aquinoc™ is a probiotic for ponds

To sum it all up

Aquinoc™ is a blend of naturally occurring and beneficial microbes that help to quickly break down excess organic matter. Microbes are nature’s recycling units. They are naturally found in the soil and water, but sometimes when the job is too big, the microorganisms that are already present in the environment cannot keep up.

Aquinoc™ stimulates the natural process of decomposition to help break down the tiny particles of sediment. After the treatment the microbes remain dormant in the environment; they rest like their close relatives in the soil, on the leaves of plants and in the bottom of the pond ready to work in co-ordination to keep the ponds healthy.