HydroLyst i-phi™

Cleans and Saves

What's New:

Fuel savings of 30% ?

Happy or what?

"We have had your Technology on 5 of our new 2010 MaxxForce 13L engines for the past year and are reporting over 20% to 30% fuel reductions on all 5 trucks. "My drivers are very happy with the increase in response and power the Hydrogen Units are showing versus our other trucks with no Hydrogen. The units have been trouble free since installation and are performing above our expectations." Shane Vanveen Wessuc Trucking



Would you like to extend your DPF regen cycles and EGR replacements?

"Clean and Green”

Hydrogen injection provides a more complete burn that reduces the soot and particulate matter up to 80%. The result? Your DPF regen cycles are significantly extended and your EGR lasts longer. You get less downtime and greater productivity. ”


The  Hydrolyst™ i-phi™ is a Hydrogen Generating Module for HGV Vehicles that runs on numerous different fuel types.

The product produces a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gasses, on demand, through a controlled electrolysis process.

These gases are delivered to the engine's air intake, where they are mixed with the air, then entering the engine’s cylinders and participating in the combustion process.

Both gases enhance the combustion process through
1. Faster flame spread leads to a more complete burn of all the fuel.
2. Leaner combustion process results in less soot production.
3. Increased engine power due to force of hydrogen combustion.

Results are decreased emissions, decreased fuel consumption and engine cleaned over time of carbon deposits.



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Resulting Hydrogen Benefits

More complete burning of all the fuel that enters the combustion chamber.
1. Increased engine power with same amount of fuel, i.e. same engine output - less fuel.
2. Less residual fuel in exhaust fumes and oil.

Impact of Hydrogen on the combustion cycle

1. Cleaning of old Carbon deposits within the engine.
2. Less Soot in the combustion process.
3. Reduced contamination of engine oils
4. Reduced soot in the exhaust fumes

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