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Fuel savings of 30% ?

Happy or what?

"We have had your Technology on 5 of our new 2010 MaxxForce 13L engines for the past year and are reporting over 20% to 30% fuel reductions on all 5 trucks. "My drivers are very happy with the increase in response and power the Hydrogen Units are showing versus our other trucks with no Hydrogen. The units have been trouble free since installation and are performing above our expectations." Shane Vanveen Wessuc Trucking



Would you like to extend your DPF regen cycles and EGR replacements?

"Clean and Green”

Hydrogen injection provides a more complete burn that reduces the soot and particulate matter up to 80%. The result? Your DPF regen cycles are significantly extended and your EGR lasts longer. You get less downtime and greater productivity. ”

Environmental Impact and challenges of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles)

The Enforcement of lower emissions by tougher OEM and aftermarket emission regulations.

The Transport industry, specifically the Heavy Goods Vehicle Market (HGV) is responsible for 20% of global Green House Gas output.

Emission roadside checks on older trucks are already resulting in fines and downtime.

New trucks – issues with mandated Diesel Particulate Filters.


Fuel prices currently account for 20% of trucking company’s expenses. They continue to rise with
no relief in sight.
Newer vehicles meeting the emission regulations are higher priced,
less efficient, and a number have reliability issues.

Low net profit of only 4.5% BEFORE these recent changes.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Window of Opportunity

The HGV Industry needs

1. The ability to comply with changing emissions standards being set by Federal and Local Governments.
2. To find ways to Increase fuel efficiency.
3. To lower operating costs.
4. To change public perception in regards to the impact the industry is having on the environmental.
5. To be able to set and meet environmental sustainability levels internally as well standards being set by companies the industry supplies.

This is an opportunity for HGV companies that can solve these problems…

Hybrid Alternative

  1. Introduce fractional amounts of hydrogen to gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon fuels enhancing their combustion characteristics.
  2. With the introduction hydrogen the lean flammability limit of the carbon-based fuel is significantly extended achieving greater thermo efficiency and a more complete burn.
  3. This results in decreased emissions and increased fuel mileage.
  4. Independent tests and studies globally have confirmed the potential positive environmental impact and reduction in fuel consumption.

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